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How to do a campus clicker standardization process


Many campuses have decided to standardize upon one response system ("clicker") brand in order to more readily provide support to faculty, and to minimize the potential financial burden on students, who typically purchase clickers as course materials. This article provides ideas and resources about this process.

Intended Audience

This article is intended for anyone involved in the leadership of a clicker standardization.


This article should help you to understand some principles and experiences associated with a successful clicker standardization process.


An understanding of the reasons for using clickers is important. See the Vanderbilt link at the bottom of this article for extensive disciplinary scholarship of teaching on the use of response systems.


Using simple language, give the readers a broad-strokes overview of the topic.

Create an outline and fill in the important details. Keep it brief. You can create other articles about robust subtopics or link to existing articles that round out the topic.

Examples and Applications

Provide your reader with a few real-world examples of how the knowledge gained from your article could be applied. Reward the reader for successfully completing the article with a few ideas about how it will pay off.

Process Summary


Additional Tips or FAQs

Standardization challenges include:

  • moving the process along quickly enough that the information gathered during the deliberation process remains relevant once a decision is made
  • involving all stakeholders (faculty, support staff (instructional designers, centralized and distributed smart classroom support staff, faculty and student help desks, LMS support staff), administration, bookstore staff, student disability services personnel, and perhaps others)
  • working with faculty and others who may already have strong allegiance to a particular product


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