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iMovie 09


How to use iMovie '09

Intended Audience

The audience is anyone who uses iMovie 09 or supports teaching and learning with iMovie 09.


In this article you will learn how to use iMovie 09.


You will need iMovie 09 and a Mac computer to use the program.

The Concept

Learn how to use iMovie from importing the video to the rendering of the project into a movie that can be viewed on the computer. 

Examples and Applications

Students can use video to visually show the information they would put into a paper.  Who gets the opportunity to read a paper?  More people would enjoy watching the information in a movie format which is more entertaining.

Videos are good for demonstrations, documentaries, PSAs, and commercials.  This is just a short list but there are many opportunities to expand the students knowledge on a topic.  It is a good way of using active learning. 

The Entire Process

Learn how to use iMovie 09 and then develop ideas on how to use it in the classroom.

Additional Tips or FAQs

Having students create video projects takes a lot of time and it is something that works best of broken down into small chucks to workon at a time.  It is also good to have a "preview" day so students work to a deadline and then have the opportunity to get feedback from their peers.


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