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Mac equivalents of Windows Applications

So you've just switched to Mac and you don't know how to accomplish all those little things you took for granted in Windows?  Here's a good place to start:

Mac OS
 7ZipEZ 7z
 FileSynchronizerTime Machine (though quite different)
 WinDirStat Disk Inventory X
 FileZilla FTP
 Firefox Firefox
 Thunderbird Thunderbird
 NetworkStumbler Kismac
 iTerm or Mac OS Terminal
 TeraTerm iTerm or Mac OS Terminal
 Trillian Adium
 uTorrent Transmission
 LameMP3 FFmpeg
 DVD Decrypter
 Misc Video Encode  FFmpeg
 ImgBurn/Nero Mac OS Disk Utility
 Misc Media Players
 VLC Player
 Misc Media Codecs
 Flip4mac, Perian
 DVD Player
 Mac OS DVD Player
 Google Earth  Google Earth
 Google Picasa
 Google Picasa
 Google Sketchup
 Google Sketchup
 Stellarium Stellarium
 PovRay PovRay (Runs in Classic?)
 MS Office 2007
 MS Office 2008 (very different, no Access, Publisher)

No Equivalent Found

Symantec Ghost / Virtual Floppy

Crestron, Extron, SP Controls Programming

MS Access, MS Publisher

AD Management Console

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