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Migrating Profiles in Windows XP

Overview: This article is for people who are interested in migrating a profile in Windows XP from one user account to another user account.

Intended Audience: Information Technology Consultants who are tasked with deploying a new workstation (or moving to Active Directory) where the faculty or staff member expects to have his or her user profile seamlessly migrated to a new user account.

Purpose: This article provides a detailed walk-through for migrating a user profile in Windows XP to another user account in Windows XP.

Prerequisites: To migrate a profile, you need to create the new user account to which you are migrating and make sure that it is the same type of account from which you are migrating.


While you are logged in as the user from which you are migrating:

  1. Right-click on My Computer
---------------> WORK IN PROGRESS <------------------------
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