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Pachyderm Authoring Application

Pachyderm is a web-based multimedia authoring tool for non-technical users.  Information about Pachyderm can be found at:

A CSU instance of Pachyderm is being hosted by the CSU CDL and is available for CSU Faculty, students and staff to support teaching, scholarship, and research.  This CSU Pachyderm is at:

To apply for an account, click on the Create an Account link below the login button.


Some Tips for Authoring in Pachyderm:

Use template docs for planning
Fit content to templates
Assemble media before authoring
Generate stills from video
Use placeholders for missing media

Leave extensions on all media files (e.g. .mov, .jpg, .png, etc.)
Use metadata for locating files
Create all screens, then link them together
Avoid multiple simultaneous editing

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