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What to do when we are getting the startup errors.


PROBLEM: Getting the startup error.

ERROR MESSAGE:error loading C:\programdata\hemofae\hmeofape.dll

Action:Tried to perform the clean boot.
1.Now click on "services" and check the box in front of "Hide all Microsoft services" and   then click on "Disable all".
2.Now please click on "Startup" and then click on "Disable all".
3.Now click on "Tools" and then scroll down to search for "Disable UAC' and then click on   "Launch".
4.Now Please click on "Apply" and then on "Ok".
5.Please select the option "Exit without restart".
Result:Successfully done.

Tried to restart the computer and try to check for the issue. Chat got disconnected, But the customer came back to the easy assist.

Action:Tried to delete the startup items from the location:
HKey_Current user\software\Microsoft\windows\current version\run
HKey_Local Machine\software\Microsoft\windows\current version\run
Result:Successfully done.

Action:Tried to check for the issue after restarting the computer.
Result:Issue resolved.

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