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2007 CATS Outstanding Professional Award Winners

Michael Casadonte
Web Development Coordinator
CSU San Bernardino

Photograph of Michael CasadonteMichael Casadonte is being recognized for project leadership and initiative. Most recently, his work has been integral to the development of the CSU San Bernardino’s Web Accessibility plan and the establishment of standards that have been adopted by the CSU Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI). Through adoption of accessibility guidelines and testing with Hi-Software’s AccVerify Michael lifted CSUSB Web accessibility from 27% to 82% over a two-year period. Thanks to his commitment and planning, CSUSB has achieved 90% accessibility of official Web content and is among the leading CSU institutions in this area. Michael’s efforts have placed CSUSB in a position to share strategies with other campuses as they strive for greater accessibility while implementing ATI policies. To date 140 Webmasters have participated in Web accessibility training including several from various CSU campuses.

Michael has also been instrumental in the coordination and delivery of two entirely online graduate level degree programs in Public Administration and Criminal Justice. This huge undertaking required the effort of almost 30 individuals across various campus departments. Each program required seamless high quality video, flash-based multimedia, and innovative online content delivery methods to supplement base curriculum. Michael’s tireless efforts are evidence to the quality of these programs, originally developed for the Department of Defense, and now offered to regularly matriculated students at CSUSB.

Hai Le
Information Technology Consultant
CSU Channel Islands

Photograph of Hai LeHai Le is being recognized for his operational excellence at this relatively new CSU campus, where he has provided leadership in the implementation of a standardized image for the labs on campus, and has maintained meticulous records and logs on the work done on the myriad of computers he manages. His can-do attitude, coupled with an innovative hands-on approach to problem solving and supervision, has provided a solid foundation for faculty and staff alike. Hai started out as the only person providing technical support to CSUCI faculty, but as the campus has grown and the technology staff has expanded, he has taken on other large and diverse projects on campus, such as the refresh of classroom PCs and setting up technology labs and smart classrooms.

For example, new workspaces are constantly being created as the campus expands, as was the case with the 77 new Educational and Liberal Studies faculty offices. These offices were not completed until the week before classes began. To the field technicians, this meant moving 77 computers, phones, and printers to the new locations with a minimum of downtime for the user. Hai and his team were responsible for moving all the equipment and technology, and accomplished this monumental task during that short week.

In addition, Hai is known for going out of his way to be helpful and to stay on top of the ever-changing nature of academic technology. He regularly learns new skills, applications, hardware, and platforms so that that he can provide excellent support. Through his responsiveness, he has directly and indirectly enhanced staff, student and faculty productivity.

Linda Scott
Director of Academic Technology Services
CSU San Marcos

Linda Scott imageLinda Scott is being recognized for her leadership in the instructional development area of CSU San Marcos Academic Technology Services, where she has served in multiple capacities. She recently coordinated efforts to streamline online delivery of course content, and guided the migration of content from WebCT 4 to WebCT6, through a faculty-focused process. The WebCT upgrade was also incorporated into a larger effort of offering faculty newer and better teaching tools. Through brown-bag lunches, grant-funded trainings, and presentations, Linda made it clear to faculty that their technology-supported instruction was a top-priority for the campus.

Another project she headed was the campus-wide presentation of Student Response Systems from various vendors. After the click-off, the campus was able to agree on a single system for use in all classes. Linda also worked out agreements with the bookstore for a buy-back program for students, and provided special trainings and brown-bag sessions to expose faculty to this new technology. She initiated a similar plan regarding the use of remote tablets for classroom presentations. There are many other examples of how Linda’s leadership has had a positive, productive impact on her campus.

In addition to her work-related activities and accomplishments, Linda is pursuing an Ed.D. from UCSD in Education Leadership with an emphasis in technology. She continually applies her newfound knowledge to the advancement of our campus IT services and to her effectiveness on campus.

Finally, Linda’s experience, expertise, and dedication have been recognized not only through this OPA award. The day after her Outstanding Professional Award status was determined, Linda was named Director of Academic Technology Services at CSUSM.