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Friday Morning Keynotes

User: jarcher
Date: 4/25/2007 3:24 pm
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Tired and weary from the week, I made it to the final day's morning keynotes which were inpsiring, informative, and entertaining.

The first keynote speaker was Dr. David Bradley, an early IBM developer who wrote the BIOS for the original IBM PC in 1981, and published all the code in the technical manual (an early form of 'open source'). He entitled his keynote 'Lessons I learned from the IBM Personal Computer'. The lessons he discussed were:

* Open is Good
* Learn from your mistakes
* Choose your partners carefully
* Always build a prototype
* Market your ideas
* Explain carefully
* 'Small Decisions' may live on forever
* You can't predict the future very well
* Have fun.

The second keynote speaker was Roger Magoulas from O'Reilly who discussed trends in technology. In summary, java and ruby jobs are on the rise, as are jobs using javascript and ajax. Jobs in telephony are also on the rise. Book sales trend similiarly, but with slight differences here and there. Also, ipods are very much still dominant in the marketplace.

The third keynote speaker was Carl Malamoud, about Hacking the Government. Carl gave us ten tips for hacking the government:

Hack 1: Be the media
Hack 2: Get standing
Hack 3: Be the government
Hack 4: Mirror the FCC site
Hack 5: Enforce the ODF
Hack 6: Audit validity of government websites
Hack 7: Link check government sites and rank them by bad links
Hack 8: Annotate government hearings
Hack 9: Hold hearings
Hack 10: Map our EMF spectrum use

The last speaker was famous Damian Conway who made us all laugh again in his spoofing of corporate entities tring to capitalize on open source, in a speach called 'OpenTalk 2.0', where he shilled his fictious company, 'Cxap'.

At the end there was a q&a session, and we went to our last few sessions of the day. (This may be available by podcast).