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Open Source Voting

User: jarcher
Date: 4/25/2007 3:19 pm
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Wednesday evening I attended a session called Open Source Voting by Arthur Keller and David Mertz which talked about the open voting initiatives and organizations, and the work of the Open Voting Consortium to produce a demonstration prototype for a secure and private but accurate and verifiable electronic voting system
in open source. The discussion often was derailed by the heated discussions around whether or not electronic voting is a good idea at all, whether or not we can trust our voting representatives, whether or not we can have secure voting at all, etc. But above the hoopla, I really thing the work done on the prototype was very good, and further work needs to get done to finish the job. I encourage you to view the slides on O'Reilly for the talk, and go to to get involved with the political and the technical aspects of the project.