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Simplifying Service-oriented Applications with Apache Tuscany

User: jarcher
Date: 4/25/2007 3:24 pm
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On Thursday I attended a session named Simplifying Service-oriented Applications with Apache Tuscany Jeremy Boynes, which discusses the Service Oriented Application pattern for connecting applications as services to one another, and relying on the assembly framework to handle the connections. Apache Tuscany is an early implementation of a system to handle the linkages and leaving the applications with very simple interfaces to implement. The implementation is language-agnostic, and has many interesting features:

- support for fine-grained services (e.g. expose server-side ajax handlers)
- asynchronoous connections (automatically queue and process requests, callbacks on completion)
- conversational services (applicaton controlled conversations, automatic control e.g. for life of http session)
- support for policy and quality of service (reliability services, security, integrity)
- dynamic self-configuring assemblies (automatic location of services based on application criteria, automatic wiring of assemblies based on rule, rewiring and re-routing around disruptions)
It looks like a very interesting project to follow if you have a need to hook up a chain of application components that exist in heterogeneous environments together. Here are some links: