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Many CATS attend various conferences throughout the year. The CATS Blog is a place where they can share information and experiences from those events.

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OSCON 2006 Day two -- Testing Web Apps
By jarcher - 4/25/2007 This afternoon's tutorial, Rock-solid Web Development: Testing Web Apps by John Paul Ashenfelter (slides at or, has so far been the most valuable session I've attended so far, even if it is only for showing me that Selenium exists.
Lightning states of...
By sverma - 4/25/2007 This was a session from last night on the state of software. The updates were done in 5 minutes, hence the term "lightning".
Open Source Voting
By jarcher - 4/25/2007 Wednesday evening I attended a session called Open Source Voting by Arthur Keller and David Mertz which talked about the open voting initiatives and organizations, and the work of the Open Voting Consortium to produce a demonstration prototype for a secure and private but accurate and verifiable electronic voting system
Going open source...
By sverma - 4/25/2007 This presentation was based on Lars Thalmann's ( experience with MySQL cluster that was developed at Ericsson R&D and was later purchased by MySQL.
OSCON 2006 Day two -- Release Management Automation
By jarcher - 4/25/2007 This morning I attended a session titled Large Scale Webapps: Managing Releases and DevTeam Infrastructure by Jonathan Oxer (slides can be found at that laid out a fairly comprehensive model for a highly automated development 'Release Management Automation' environment from source code management, to internal documentation, to bug tracking, to packaging, pre-release testing, and finally package release.
Marketing to Dilbert: How to Invite Developers to Your Project
By jarcher - 4/25/2007 I attended a session on Thursday named Marketing to Dilbert: How to Invite Developers Into Your Project, which I had assumed would give me a bit of information about how to convince developers to join an open source project, but in fact did not really live up to my expectations. The session really was aimed more at business community members on how to practice marketing that appeals to developers, but felt mostly like a repurposing of a general marketing talk.
Using Google Web Toolkit
By jarcher - 4/25/2007 A session I attended on Thursday named Using Google Web Toolkit by Bret Taylor and Bruce Johnson was one of the coolest and most inspiring I'd seen at the entire conference. In a nutshell, Google's open source initiatives have among many other things produced a set of frameworks and a compiler that allows you to
OSCON 2006 - Opening Evening Speakers
By jarcher - 4/25/2007 Tuesday's opening speakers were all very entertaining. Not including the awards given out to members of the open source community, Larry Wahl gave his 'State of the Onion' talk, Damian Conway gave a humorous spoof on the Da Vinci Code by the name of 'The Da Vinci Code Base', and Kathy Sierra gave a fascinating and inspiring talk on inspiring passion in your users by the name of 'Cognitive Seduction'.