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Many CATS attend various conferences throughout the year. The CATS Blog is a place where they can share information and experiences from those events.

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OSCON 2006 Day two -- Release Management Automation
By jarcher - 4/25/2007 This morning I attended a session titled Large Scale Webapps: Managing Releases and DevTeam Infrastructure by Jonathan Oxer (slides can be found at that laid out a fairly comprehensive model for a highly automated development 'Release Management Automation' environment from source code management, to internal documentation, to bug tracking, to packaging, pre-release testing, and finally package release.
Welcome to OSCON 2006 - Tutorials day one (Ruby, Rails)
By jarcher - 4/25/2007 Hello everyone, and welcome to the first entry from OSCON 2006. Monday and Tuesday are pre-conference tutorial sessions, and I opted to attend The Ruby Guidebook and Rails Guidebook. Unfortunately, through some weird quirk of events, I ended up going to the hospital this morning due