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Many CATS attend various conferences throughout the year. The CATS Blog is a place where they can share information and experiences from those events.

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Deploying Rails Apps with Capistrano
By jarcher - 4/25/2007 On Wednesday I attended a session named Deploying Rails Apps with Capistrano by Mike Clark, which introduced Capistrano, a rails application for deploying rails (and other technology) applications to multiple machines in multiple configurations. All of the configuration is done in ruby, and it's very simple to set up and to customize. The command set allows not only for deployment but also rollback of code sets, as well as data migration advances and rollbacks.
Making Tech Documentaries
By jarcher - 4/25/2007 On Friday, I attended a talk titled Making Tech Documentaries by Jason Scott.
OSS Project Press Relations
By jarcher - 4/25/2007 On Thursday I attended a session named OSS Project Press Relations by Josh Berkus, which covered a lot of excellent advice for interacting with the press if you're trying to get coverage for your open source project. In summary, Josh covers the following issues:
DimDim: The World's Free Web Conference
By jarcher - 4/25/2007 On Wednesday I attended a session named dimdim: The World's Free Web Conference by Prakash Khot and DD Ganguly, which showed off an alpha of a fully open source web conferencing platform that looks very promising. The clients use a combination of html, ajax and flash, and the server runs on standard open source software, with a centralized management admin interface built in.
OSCON 2006: My Notes
By harishvc - 4/25/2007 I have posted my notes in my blog. All OSCON entries are preceded with OSCON 2006.
Friday Morning Keynotes
By jarcher - 4/25/2007 Tired and weary from the week, I made it to the final day's morning keynotes which were inpsiring, informative, and entertaining.
Java and Ruby Integration
By jarcher - 4/25/2007 On Wednesday I attended a session named Ruby for Java Programmers by Ugo Cei, which detailed several methods to get Ruby and Java to work together. Several projects were mentioned for either using Ruby inside of the Java compiler, or using java inside of Ruby:
Going open source...
By sverma - 4/25/2007 This presentation was based on Lars Thalmann's ( experience with MySQL cluster that was developed at Ericsson R&D and was later purchased by MySQL.