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Many CATS attend various conferences throughout the year. The CATS Blog is a place where they can share information and experiences from those events.

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CalWac2 Notes: JavaScript and Accessibility
By kristin - 4/25/2007 - Category: Javascript, accessibilty By Jordan Casper,, University of Texas at Austin. Most of the session involved creating and analyzing scripts, which can be found at
CalWac2 Notes: Testing for Accessibility
By kristin - 4/25/2007 - Category: accessibility By Jim Thatcher. Presentation slides: The most important message I got from this presentation is that accessibility testing is a multi-dimensional process. You can’t assume your site is accessible by running it through an automated check. Human testing is also required.
CalWac2: Advanced Topics in CSS
By kristin - 4/25/2007 - Category: css, accessibility By Jon Wiley - A lot of information is packed into a short amount of time. Below is an outline. Detailed information on this session can be found at
CalWac2 Notes: The Web Devlopment Toolkit: Tools and Tricks of the Trade
By kristin - 4/25/2007 By Paul Reuger. This session covered web development/QA tools (mostly Firefox extensions), streamlining the web production process, and creating a framework/styleguide for web production to support workflow and ensure that QA and accessibility testing are not overlooked.
OSS Project Press Relations
By jarcher - 4/25/2007 On Thursday I attended a session named OSS Project Press Relations by Josh Berkus, which covered a lot of excellent advice for interacting with the press if you're trying to get coverage for your open source project. In summary, Josh covers the following issues:
DimDim: The World's Free Web Conference
By jarcher - 4/25/2007 On Wednesday I attended a session named dimdim: The World's Free Web Conference by Prakash Khot and DD Ganguly, which showed off an alpha of a fully open source web conferencing platform that looks very promising. The clients use a combination of html, ajax and flash, and the server runs on standard open source software, with a centralized management admin interface built in.
OSCON 2006: My Notes
By harishvc - 4/25/2007 I have posted my notes in my blog. All OSCON entries are preceded with OSCON 2006.
Friday Morning Keynotes
By jarcher - 4/25/2007 Tired and weary from the week, I made it to the final day's morning keynotes which were inpsiring, informative, and entertaining.