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Open Space Technology

CATS2008 Open Space Day Session Notes

Open Space Technology (OST) describes an unscripted method of conducting a conference to generate collaboration and communication with groups of 5 to 1,500 participants. It is particularly effective when the goal is to develop solutions that need to be available yesterday. As a group, participants generate a full agenda in which working sessions about immediate or emerging topics are convened.

CATS2008 incorporated OST for part of the conference. Twenty-nine topics were explored, such as "HRSA and Help Desk Support Issues," "Imaging Best Practices," "Multimedia and Copyright," and "Dealing Creatively with Budget Cuts." Watch this short video to see how OST worked at CATS and what participants had to say about their experience.

Session notes were gathered and most can be viewed by clicking on the title links within the Agenda [“Agenda” links to the grid]. More session notes will be added upon collection.

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